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Pre-University is a foundation level for a graduation program. It is a crucial year for the students as they put a lot of effort to gain academic proficiency in a higher level of studies. Hence, choosing the best college for PU helps students acquire an outstanding education for their upcoming academic success.

Surana College Peenya Campus is one of the prestigious PU Colleges in Rajajinagar, which has an excellent track record of imparting excellence in education for PU students. The college was set up to pursuit values, strengthen discipline, and instill competitiveness among the students.

Best PU College RajajiNagar

Getting into the right PU College is the first step towards academic achievement. While choosing the best PU Colleges in Rajajinagar, teaching quality ensures phenomenal growth with a spirit of enriching knowledge. Key features of our college include excellence in providing value-added integrated courses for aspiring students and individual attention for each student.

Resources & Facilities

Surana College Peenya Campus is committed to maintaining the best quality of educational infrastructure facilities and offering state-of-the-art resources. The pre-university college has excellent resources and provides various amenities to develop a true learning atmosphere. The students at the top PU College nurtures students that help them to understand subjects and lessons taught by our dedicated faculty. Arts, Commerce, and Science are the PU courses offered at our PU College in Rajajinagar. Besides excellent academic PU education, students also get benefited from sports and extra-curricular activities.

PU Courses at PU College

  • Science

Integrated and Non-Integrated PU Course

The science stream – PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) & PCMCs (Physics Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science) is suited for students in science and mathematic subjects. Students interested in taking up Engineering, Medical, Dentistry, and other professional courses can take up the science stream. Students at the best PU College in Rajajinagar attain knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical learning. All the subjects are covered smoothly. Students get access to fully-equipped labs, a well-stock library with a range of books, study materials, previous year’s exam papers, and other valuable resources that help students to acquire knowledge in their academic endeavors.

Students can also apply for NEET and JEE training right from the first year of the PU course. It helps them to prepare with ample time and get confidence in facing the entrance examination.

  • Commerce

Integrated and Non-Integrated PU Course

  • The Commerce stream is best suited for students interested in pursuing a career in Finance, Accounting, or Business Management. The students will develop knowledge on various aspects of accounting, business, banking, and various other fields. Students at the top PU College in Rajajinagar can either opt for EBACs – (Economics, Business Studies, Accounts, Computer Science) or EBAS – (Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics). Students can take up integrated courses with the regular PU course to sharpen the basic foundation courses in CA and CS to join after PU second year.
  • Commerce

Non-Integrated Courses

Students looking to pursue Arts, Political Science, or Economics can take up HEPS – (History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology). There are plenty of courses like Journalism, Advertising, LLB, etc., are available for the PU arts students after their second-year pre-university.

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1st Semester 
Grooming & Personality Development15hrs
Communication & Aviation Skills15hrs
2nd Semester 
Module 1-Basics of Airport and Aircraft10hrs
Landside Operation20hrs
Landside Operation20hrs
3rd Semester 
Section 1- General Guidelines (RAMP)20hrs
Section 2- Occupation Aircraft/Ramp safety20hrs
4th Semester 
Section 3-Loading/Unloading Aircraft Cargo20hrs
Section 4-Aircraft Refuelling10hrs
Section 5-Ground Service Equipment20hrs
5th Semester 
Section 6-Ground Power Equipment05hrs
Section 7-Dangerous Goods (DGR15hrs
Section 8-Empty Aircraft & Fleet Orientation, visit MRO10hrs
Section 9-Severe Weather10hrs
6th Semester 
Section 10-Aircraft Gate ArrivaI/Pushback20hrs
Section 11-Procedure for Safe Ground Handling Procedure10hrs

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