Classroom (Lecture Halls)

The lecture halls on the campus have adequate lighting and ventilation to ensure a conducive learning environment for students. Ergonomic furniture prevents the students from any physical discomfort and unnecessary distractions. The lecture halls also facilitate ICT and audio-visual equipment to accommodate different learning styles.

The lecture hall allows for the delivery of information to large number of students simultaneously, enabling the dissemination of the knowledge across broad range of topics. Furthermore, the audio-visual and multimedia enablement allows for the delivery of engaging and interactive lectures that can help students learn more effectively.

It also provides a space for the students to engage in group activities and discussion to learn through collaborative activities or those who require additional support from their peers. The space is utilised for group work, debated and presentation among many other activities.


The institute’s laboratories for the science departments are outfitted with high-tech equipment, instruments, and vital materials in a clean, safe environment that enables students to learn and explore the subject matter effectively. Regular checks on equipment and maintenance are carried out to ensure that they are functioning optimally and are safe to use. Safety rules and protocols are prominently displayed and strictly enforced.

Laboratories apart from being well-equipped facilitates hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that cannot be replicated through lecture-based instruction alone. Apart from bringing practical application to the theoretical learning it promotes active leaning, improves critical thinking and fosters collaborative learning environment.

Recreational Facilities

Understanding the value of recreational activities in a learning environment, a wide range of programs are launched to foster teamwork, leadership, and social intelligence. The institution consistently works to help students deal with the strain of academic pressure. These recreational facilities allow relaxation and amusement and boost students’ creativity and innovation too.

 In addition to the games, sports, and extracurriculars, clubs on the campus also put on events such as adventure camps, yoga, trekking, group reading sessions, cycling, walkathons, volunteer work etc. that would benefit students’ physical and mental health. They also participate in activities like musical jam sessions and theatrical plays. With several achievements, these facilities also help in establishing a sense of community in the institution.


Sports and athletics encourage both physical and mental wellness. The resources offered in Surana encourage students to engage in these activities. Students gain discipline, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities through participation. The Department of Physical Education at the institution enhances the facilities for both indoor and outdoor games and organises events to promote healthy competition. By encouraging fair play and sportsmanship, which promote a positive attitude towards life, it also aids in character development. These programmes also give students a chance to explore their potential and compete in inter-university, state-level, and national tournaments.

Extra-curricular Activities

In addition to the standard academic curriculum, the institution’s clubs, and student groups design programmes to improve each student’s overall development. Quiz contests, sport activities, singing competitions, dance performances, musicals, fashion exhibits, and volunteer initiatives are some of the events that keep the campus lively all year long. The goals of these extracurricular activities are to help students explore and develop their interests, abilities, and talents. Moreover, these provide a healthy outlet for students to relieve stress and recharge their energy levels. The institution invests time as well as resources into these programmes as it recognises their importance as a crucial part of an educational system. This has led to an overall improvement in the quality and well-being of students of our institution.

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