Cadets Welfare Society

Cadets Welfare Society

The NCC Cadets Welfare Society, established in 1985 and functioning at HQ DGNCC, New Delhi, plays a vital role in providing support and benefits to NCC cadets. To become a cadet and avail of these benefits, it is mandatory to become a member of this Society by paying a one-time fee of Rs. 15/- at the time of enrollment.

The Society offers the following valuable benefits to its members:

1. Financial Assistance/Relief:
In the unfortunate event of a cadet’s death during normal NCC activities, the nominee is provided with financial assistance of Rs. 4,50,000/-. In case of death during high-risk activities, the financial assistance is increased to Rs. 5 lacs. Additionally, the Society takes care of medical treatment if an injury occurs during any NCC activity, easing the burden on the cadet and their family.

2. Scholarships:
The Society awards yearly scholarships to 1000 NCC cadets, with each scholarship amounting to Rs. 6000/-. These scholarships are based on academic performance, encouraging cadets to excel in their studies. Notably, out of the 1000 scholarships, a minimum of ¼ (250 scholarships) is reserved for cadets coming from rural or disturbed areas, providing an opportunity for these deserving students.

3. Best Cadet Awards:
Recognizing outstanding performance in the NCC, the Society has constituted Best and 2nd Best Cadet awards at the Group HQ level. The Best Cadet is honored with a prestigious award of Rs. 3,500/-, while the 2nd Best Cadet receives Rs. 2,500/-. These awards serve as an acknowledgment of the cadets’ dedication and excellence in the NCC program.

For further information about these benefits and the procedures to avail of them, interested individuals can reach out to their respective NCC units. The Cadets Welfare Society’s initiatives aim to provide support, encouragement, and recognition to NCC cadets, fostering a sense of pride and commitment among the youth serving in the National Cadet Corps.

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