Department of English


The Department of English houses dedicated and vibrant faculty whose services and classroom approaches are centred on the power of communication and the beauty of literature. We engage students in close study of cultural texts that enable them to ask and search for large questions that face humankind. Their journey through liberal arts helps them to strike an ideal balance between creativity and critical inquiry.

Student-faculty interaction is the base of our pedagogical praxis. Our students develop exceptional writing skills and a broader and unbiased outlook to literature and the world as a whole and develop into individuals who see beauty in everything and everyone irrespective of their race, colour, religion etc. Moreover, they become equipped to confront large-scale issues and effect change around the world.


To strengthen the cognitive efficiency of students and to develop the art of cognitive thinking in both past and contemporary literature.


The English department of Surana College, Peenya offers the students the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination. They are taught to give preference for the reader’s perception over the author’s intent as the text is open to multiple meanings. As their young minds venture off to explore the innumerable meanings embedded in texts- it in a way equips them to write on their own and to create scripts of individual value than to adopt the mundane technique of rote learning

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