Incentives to Cadets

Incentives to Cadets

1. Reserved Vacancies in Armed Forces: ‘C’ Certificate holders in the NCC are given specific vacancies in the Army, Air Force, and Navy for officer positions. They are exempted from the UPSC written exams and are directly called for the SSB Interview.
Successful candidates are selected based on merit.

2. Army: 100 seats per year at OTA for Men and 10% for Women.

3. Navy: 06 seats per course.

4. Air Force: 10% vacancies in all courses.

5. Bonus Marks for Recruitment: Cadets receive 5-10% bonus marks for recruitment in ranks in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. They also receive bonus marks for employment in CAPF/Para Military Forces and the Department of Telecommunication.

6. Gazetted Post and Preference in Services: C certificate holder cadets who are graduates can apply for gazetted posts in CRPF. They are given preference in State Services and private sectors for employment opportunities.

7. Employment within NCC: Cadets with ‘C’ Certificate can serve as Whole Time Lady Officers, Girl Cadet Instructors, Aero and Ship Modeling Instructors within the NCC.

8. Reserved Seats for Girls: 5% seats in the Air Force Academy and seats in OTA Chennai are reserved for female candidates holding NCC ‘C’ certificates.
Financial Assistance/Scholarships:
Cadet Welfare Society (CWS) provides financial aid and relief to cadets in case of injury or to the next of kin in case of fatality during NCC-related activities.

1. Financial Assistance for Death Cases (High Risk and Other Activities):
->High Risk: Rs. 5,00,000/-
-> Other Activities: Up to Rs. 5,00,000/-
2. Financial Assistance for Permanent and Temporary Disabilities:
-> Permanent Disability: Up to Rs. 1,75,000/-
-> Temporary Disability: Up to Rs. 1,75,000/-
3. Scholarships for Academically Brilliant Students: CWS awards scholarships of Rs. 6000/- per cadet for 1000 NCC cadets every year who display exceptional academic performance.
4. Best Cadet Awards: Best Cadet Awards of Rs. 4500/- and 2nd Best Cadet Awards of Rs. 3500/- at each Group level. This recognition acknowledges the exceptional performance and dedication of NCC cadets.

These incentives provided by the Central Government aim to motivate and support NCC cadets in their pursuit of excellence and service to the nation. The opportunities for career advancement, scholarships, and financial assistance help recognize their dedication and commitment to the NCC and the country.

State governments recognize the value of NCC training in nurturing responsible and disciplined citizens, and they provide these incentives to encourage and support the cadets in their future endeavors. These opportunities open doors for NCC certificate holders to serve their states in various capacities and contribute to society positively like.

Preference in Various Departments: NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate holders are given preference in recruitment for various departments by state governments, including:

a. Conduct of Sports and Adventure Activities: NCC cadets are preferred for conducting sports and adventure activities, showcasing their leadership and organizational skills.
b. Police Service: Many state police departments value the discipline and leadership qualities instilled in NCC cadets, making them preferred candidates for recruitment.
c. Transport Department: NCC cadets may receive preference in the transport department due to their disciplined and responsible demeanor.
d. Forest Department: The Forest Department may prefer NCC certificate holders for their dedication to conservation and their ability to handle challenging situations.
e. Excise Department: NCC cadets’ commitment to following rules and regulations makes them eligible for recruitment in the Excise Department.
f. Preference for Girl Cadets: Girl cadets are given preference for roles such as nurses, receptionists, and telephone operators, acknowledging their talent and dedication in these areas.

Incentives for NCC Certificate Holders in Educational Institutes:
NCC certificate holders receive preferential treatment in admission to various educational institutes, allowing them to pursue their academic aspirations with added advantages. The fields where preference is given include:

Degree and Diploma Courses: NCC certificate holders are allotted special quotas for admission to degree and diploma courses in colleges and universities. This gives them an edge during the admission process and recognizes their dedication to serving the nation.

LLB Courses: Aspiring law students with NCC certificates are given preference in admissions to LLB (Bachelor of Laws) courses. This acknowledgment is a testament to their discipline and commitment to upholding the rule of law.

Admission to Govt. Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges: NCC certificate holders are offered special quotas for admission to government polytechnics and engineering colleges. This opens up opportunities for them to pursue technical education and contribute to various fields of engineering.

Medical Courses: NCC cadets are given preference in admissions to medical courses, recognizing their commitment to serving society and their sense of responsibility.

It is essential for NCC cadets to stay informed about the changing incentives provided by both Central and State Governments. As these incentives may be subject to revisions or updates from time to time, it is crucial for cadets to keep themselves updated with the latest information published in various official government orders. This will ensure that they can avail all the benefits and opportunities that come with being an NCC certificate holder and make the most of their experiences in the NCC program.

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