Zero Tolerance Policy

As part of a “Zero Tolerance Policy”, Surana College, Peenya Campus (SCPC) intends to take appropriate disciplinary action for every disruptive behaviour including possession of weapons, threat, act of hazing (embarrassment, deposition, degradation, or abuse), sexual misconduct, stalking, discrimination, or harassment, and/or violent acts. Post an extensive investigation, the punishment or automatic expulsion will be directed if a student is found to be part of the act. A Zero-Tolerance Policy facilitates an imposition of punitive measures based on the individual circumstances. It encompasses any prohibited behaviour as being intolerant. SCPC may also take disciplinary action for certain violations reported off campus if these violations have any impact on the college and its reputation. This includes but is not confined to violations that pose a danger to students or may cause harm to the campus community, including violent crimes, hate crimes, disturbing or threatening actions and illegal conduct.

Unfitting behaviours include, but not confined to:

  • Verbal or written abuse to harass or discriminate the peers or teachers
  • Acts of harassment/discrimination to include sexual harassment/discrimination bias or prejudice on grounds of colour, race, ethnicity, disability or LGBTQIA+, towards people often hailing from minor communities
  • Acts of stalking and bullying or ragging
  • Any potential acts or participatory feat towards destructive provocation
  • Acts or actions which can be interpreted as physical assault
  • Hazing or dangerous initiations
  • Threat or act towards assault of any kind be it mental or physical
  • Threats or actions to harm others and self or endanger the safety of others
  • Behaviours or actions interpreted as potential for violence and/or acts of aggression
  • Threats to destroy or the actual destruction of property
  • Possession of a firearm, knife or any dangerous weapon, drugs and/or alcohol/ tobacco or any substance of intoxication (to include being under the influence of prohibited drugs or alcohol)
  • Violation of college safety rules.


SCPC envisages to provide a safe and congenial environment for Teaching-Learning and to facilitate it; any breach in disciplinary acts is taken very seriously. It is our collective responsibility to report all threatening statements and actions immediately. We assure that any intimation or actions reported to us would be kept confidential and appropriate measures would be taken immediately to mitigate it. We request all the students to cooperate and abide by the rules and regulations as it is our fundamental responsibility to each other as well as to the society. Zero-Tolerance Policy is enforced to foster an environment which is conducive to learning and is safe for every student. If you experience peril or know of any instance implicating threats or violence, you may report it immediately to the College authorities (any Faculty member or directly to the Principal) and prompt investigation and action will be taken by The Threat Assessment Team.

To report any violations contact us on 080-23370057 or write to us on

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