To the candidates who would like to venture out and tread path in the field of aviation, this brings them to an apt point where the bachelor’s degree is integrated with Aviation course. The students at the Surana College Peenya Campus will be trained by one of the finest aviation educational training academy. The program will take them from the basic to advanced level of proficiencies in various ground operations department. The curriculum would be spread over the tenure of 3 years offering internships, professional courses, and familiarization training with employment assistance.


  1. Conduct the classes and training as per the Program
  2. Complete the course as per the time-schedule agreed with Institution
  3. Provide agreed orientation trips to the enrolled students to the airport during the Course Period
  4. Provide on Job Training or Internship with Stipend followed by placement, to a minimum of twenty (20) enrolled students during the final semester, based on Bureau of Civil Aviation Security of India (BCAS) approval
  5. Provide Course Completion Certificates to all students, in consultation with Institution, who have completed the course as per the Program during the Course Period
  6. Provide Course Completion certificate to all enrolled students who had completed the course, with logo’s of IAO (International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA) and lSO 9001:2008 (International Organization of Standardization)
  7. Provide placement assistance to all the enrolled students of the Institution under the Program .


1st Semester 
Grooming & Personality Development15hrs
Communication & Aviation Skills15hrs
2nd Semester 
Module 1-Basics of Airport and Aircraft10hrs
Landside Operation20hrs
Landside Operation20hrs
3rd Semester 
Section 1- General Guidelines (RAMP)20hrs
Section 2- Occupation Aircraft/Ramp safety20hrs
4th Semester 
Section 3-Loading/Unloading Aircraft Cargo20hrs
Section 4-Aircraft Refuelling10hrs
Section 5-Ground Service Equipment20hrs
5th Semester 
Section 6-Ground Power Equipment05hrs
Section 7-Dangerous Goods (DGR15hrs
Section 8-Empty Aircraft & Fleet Orientation, visit MRO10hrs
Section 9-Severe Weather10hrs
6th Semester 
Section 10-Aircraft Gate ArrivaI/Pushback20hrs
Section 11-Procedure for Safe Ground Handling Procedure10hrs

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