BA Courses with Political Science

BA courses with Political Science in Bangalore

“Connect with the Political Front of the Democracy with BA Political science”

Surana College Peenya, fosters the Leadership qualities to the students and contrive them to the future.

Political Science is the intrinsic subject of Social Science, appertaining in studying the core branches of Politics and its powers, Operations and systematic way of the State and Governance, Political Dynamics, Analysis and Interpretations of Politics, International Law, International Relations and Public Administrations. Concepts, Practices and Principles of Politics, understanding Human Political Behavior, and Political Thoughts and Theories.

Students can opt avenues and employ themselves in various leading Public and Private sectors such as, Public Administration, Politics, Law, NGO’s, Teaching, Campaign Administration, Political Scientists and Researches, Marketing Fields, News Agencies, as Political analysts, In Print Media for Article writing on Political events, to name a few.

Apply for the Admission in one of the top BA Colleges in Bangalore to study three-year full-time BA Courses with Political Science.

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