A Chartered Accountant is one of the best career options for commerce students. A person from a commerce background is likely to get into a Chartered Accountancy professional course. A candidate can easily get into this job through a series of examinations, internships, and additional qualifications. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI nominates an aspirant as a chartered accountant. The job of a CA is to handle company accounts and finances to maintain the records and rescue an organization from an uncertain and unpredictable business environment.

The role of a Chartered Accountant is one of the most important roles in an organization; it is an indispensable job description for a business. Therefore, it is one of the highest-paid jobs in India. One can expect a salary of 6 to 7 lakh rupees per annum, and the value keeps on increasing as the qualification of an accountant increases.


An investment banker holds the most lucrative and vital position in a business organization. The main job description for an investment banker is to provide financial recommendations to help business organizations optimally use their resources and to be able to reach their goals. A person with good knowledge of financial assets and investments can opt for this occupation. This occupation has varied roles, such as analysts, associates, etc.

Investment bankers help companies make sound decisions regarding investment to increase the value of their assets. An investment banker can earn a handsome salary of approximately 26 lakh rupees per annum.


A cost accountant emphasizes the fundamental and conceptual basis of accounting. It relates to financial analysis, business organization, money, the principle of economics and various other elements of the business financial world. Cost Accountant can prove to be the best career opportunity in commerce.

The job of a Cost Accountant is to prepare the budget and evaluation of the company’s performance. To become a cost accountant, one needs to go for a bachelor’s degree and then for other higher degrees for higher positions. A beginner can earn a handsome salary of 4 lakh rupees.

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