Samarth S of Surana College Secures First Place in All India Open Invention Karate Championship in Hubli

All India Open Invention Karate Championship in Hubli

The All India Open Invention Karate Championship was held in Hubli from October 14 to October 16, 2022. The tournament was organized by the Karate Association of India and had participants from over 500 karatekas from across the country.

Whereas it’s a matter of great pride for Samarth S from Surana College – Peenya, Bangalore for securing the medal for the college. Samarth S participated in the above 18 Karate Championship Category for Brown Belt. He achieve first place in Kumite and secured a bronze medal in Kata for the college.

Let’s Make Your Understand About Kumite & Kata

  • Kumite

Kumite karate is a popular form of martial arts that uses contact sparring to train the body and mind. It is practiced by many people around the world. Kumite karate is a great way to get in shape, learn self-defense techniques, and have fun.

  • Kata

Kata karate is a form of karate that focuses on the performance of predetermined sequences of karate techniques. It is a significant part of training in traditional karate styles, usually performed solo. Kata is often described as forms, patterns, technique sets, or stances.

A Brief of Samarth’s Karate Training Journey

Samarth S, a 1st Semester BBA student has undergone rigorous karate training sessions. He went on to learn different strategies by understanding the series of self-defense moves using specific techniques. With his great sense of mind and ability to give an incredible performance, he followed every movement taught by his instructor.

He grabbed every opportunity to work out hard and be physically active. Thus participated in the Karate Championship held at Hubli, Karnataka.

Indeed it’s a remarkable honour for management, students, staff of Surana College Peenya, Bangalore to mark this glorious moment accomplished by Samarth S in the All India Open Invention Karate Championship in Hubli.

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