ICT-Enabled Technologies

ICT-Enabled Technologies

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enabled teaching utilises the potential of digital tools and resources to enhance engagement in teaching and learning.

The integration of various technologies, such as computers, software, internet, and multimedia devices into the classroom helps improve the quality and effectiveness of collaborative efforts of education in the campus.

The institution is well equipped with the required infrastructures of ICT tools and resources in all the departments and classrooms with high-speed internet connectivity. The faculty and students are provided with Microsoft Teams for seamless virtual classes and Outlook email addresses so that the communication is cohesive. Optra Staff App is also utilised for various administrative tasks related to staff management. Online resources like SWAYAM, NPTEL, INFLIBNET are also integrated to assist students’ learning.

The usage of ICT tools empowers the creation of student-centered and interactive learning environment which allow a smoother delivery of content, promote digital collaboration, provide feedback, and facilitate access to learning resources. ICT-enabled teaching also saves time as it entails digital resources and reduces the need for physical efforts and resources.

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