Degree Courses with International Certification in Bangalore


Surana College Peenya Campus offers Degree Courses with International Certification that prepares students to undertake undergraduate studies with a wide range of resources that are available in the college.

Surana College – Peenya Campus is recognized by the Government of Karnataka and affiliated to Bangalore University. A center of excellence, students will find the best options while studying academic courses along with the certification programs conducted in the heart of our campus.

After you graduate successfully, the college awards Degree Course with International Certification in Bangalore, you will have require skill-set to show up your talent exploring new possibilities in your career field.


There are several reasons to choose among the best Degree Courses with International Certification in Bangalore. However, we are committed to offering exceptional standards of academic education by our eminent team of faculty with their high degree of experience level. To bridge the academic gap, we not only cover the regular academic courses prescribed by the University standards but also include value-added courses and certified programs that give extra mileage to demonstrate skills and confidence in front of the domain experts.

We maintain the highest standards of the education system in imparting quality education with several aspects nurture by top Degree Courses with International Certification in Bangalore. Our college is a highly reputable institution that includes salient features like Fully-Equipped Infrastructure, Best Academic Courses, Value Added Courses & Certifications, and Corporate Connect. Besides, we have the best placement section in our department, building the strength of our strong corporate relationships.


To strengthen education excellence
Tune-up students towards competitive advantage
Bridge the gap between academia and skill supply certification courses
Developing students towards socially relevant and ethically strong professionals


Studying at Surana College Peenya allows students to learn innovatively. Our college offers to study academic education with value-added international certification courses.

Our Degree Courses with International Certification in Bangalore help you to focus on a particular job or profession by undertaking a degree course.

We offer certification courses in accounting, aviation management, photography, networking course, cloud computing, and various other certification programmes with different levels of examination.


1st Semester 
Grooming & Personality Development15hrs
Communication & Aviation Skills15hrs
2nd Semester 
Module 1-Basics of Airport and Aircraft10hrs
Landside Operation20hrs
Landside Operation20hrs
3rd Semester 
Section 1- General Guidelines (RAMP)20hrs
Section 2- Occupation Aircraft/Ramp safety20hrs
4th Semester 
Section 3-Loading/Unloading Aircraft Cargo20hrs
Section 4-Aircraft Refuelling10hrs
Section 5-Ground Service Equipment20hrs
5th Semester 
Section 6-Ground Power Equipment05hrs
Section 7-Dangerous Goods (DGR15hrs
Section 8-Empty Aircraft & Fleet Orientation, visit MRO10hrs
Section 9-Severe Weather10hrs
6th Semester 
Section 10-Aircraft Gate ArrivaI/Pushback20hrs
Section 11-Procedure for Safe Ground Handling Procedure10hrs

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